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"This self-taught photographer, with a "go-getter" attitude, has always had a natural ability for taking pictures and not just any old photo's either. I'm talking about the kind that melt your heart and take your breath away with one single glance. Ask anyone who knows the real Vera and they'll tell you that she's always head a way with people and the amazing ability to not only bring out that something special in a person but, capture those intimate moments that she shares with them, like no one else can. The only way to know is to see her in action and experience her style of photography firsthand,which is quite unique in and of itself.  You will find She doesn't conform to the usual standards of photography, she sets and creates her own.In other words and in her words, she "goes with the flow" at each and every one of her shoots. Better yet,if you ever have the chance to actually step back and watch her in action, you can't help but be inspired by her in some way. From beginning to the end , it is nothing short of magic.









​"You are truly a blessing from God to us. Your love of God and people is so evident in all you do with your life, your talents, and with how you spread joy, laughter, and His love to others. David and I have so much for which to be thankful and you are truly one of our biggest blessings. Thank you, Vera, for your love, kindness, and encouragement."

-David and Niki

*RIP David and Katie Kirkpatrick*







Vera Crosby: About Me

"I like to make people see how beautiful they are"


  • 40+ covers for Living Magazine

  • Works on fashion editorials for Society Life

  • Published on Grace Ormonde's website

  • 2 weddings published on TX Wedding Guide

  • Photographed Dallas Weins- America's first face transplant patient, which was featured on Katie Couric and in People magazine

  • Featured on Dr. 90210

  • Featured in Detroit Bride

  • Featured in Hometown Living

  • Featured in Photographic Magazine

  • Featured in Shutterbug Magazine

  • Clients: Barse Jewelry, Tony and Guy hair, Wear Luv t-shirt company ,Low t for Men, Her Kare , taking pictures of Yelawolf for Interscope records 

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